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Non-formal civic anticorruption education is one of the key strategic directions of TIAC. Education promoted and implemented by TIAC covers the following courses, trainings and workshops:

Anticorruption School

Since April 2019, TIAC has started the organization of the anticorruption schools aimed at spreading the knowledge among youth on corruption, its forms and means of its fight in different areas.

During the AC schools, students acquire comprehensive information including types of corruption and their measurement units, the integrity of public servants, conflicts of interest and the impact of corruption on the economy. Moreover, the school also aims to equip its participants with essential skills, such as critical and analytical thinking, as well as leadership development.

At the end of the school program, students are given the opportunity to use acquired knowledge in practice by designing and implementing mini-scale anticorruption projects.

Anticorruption Academy

Since September 2020, TIAC, in cooperation with the Public Administration Academy of RA, is conducting the first "Anticorruption academy" one-year course, aiming at providing the participants with knowledge about corruption and getting acquainted with anti-corruption policy, manifestations, types, causes, and consequences of corruption.

The course aims to establish an academic training program on anticorruption interdisciplinary studies that will be available for the students at the Academy of Public Administration of Armenia and for practitioners working in governmental and non-governmental organizations who receive certificates upon completion.

As a result of the project, two manuals have been published: "Anticorruption Academy" Training Course and "Anticorruption Academy" Handbook.

Anticorruption Series of Trainings

TIAC continues its efforts towards successful and sustainable youth engagement by organizing different educational and awareness-raising activities.To achieve this goal, TIAC conducts periodic seminars on various topics related to corruption and good governance. These seminars are led by both local and international experts. By doing so, TIAC creates opportunities for young people to deepen their understanding of the challenges posed by corruption․




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